Bringing the world’s trendiest new ice cream to Reno, NV! Liquid cream is transformed before the customer’s eyes, chopped up, blended, and rolled. Ex-marine, entrepreneur, and founder, Dillon, discovered the trend while deployed overseas in Asia, and decided to introduce the newly popular, frozen treat to his home region. Now, Rolled Mountain Creamery designs custom ice cream rolls in both dairy and non-dairy (vegan friendly!) options, using all natural ingredients. Available exclusively at Dorinda’s Chocolates.


Signature Cherry

Belgian dark chocolate chunks, marachino cherries  

Good Ol’ Vanilla Bean

classic vanilla, whipped cream, pirouline  

Death By Chocolate

chocolate blend, Belgian chocolate chunks, chocolate  

Mud Pie

chocolate blend, crushed oreos, chocolate sauce, sour worms  

Cookies N’ Cream (Mint or Vanilla)

oreos, whipped cream, crushed oreos  

Sea Salt Caramel

caramel blend, whipped cream, carmel sauce, pretzel  

Caramel Cappuccino

caramel blend, Hub coffee, whipped cream, caramel sauce  

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon, Raspberry 

Peanut Butter Bomb

chocolate chunks, peanuts, peanut butter, pretzel

Lemon Raspberry

lemon blend, crushed raspberries, raspberry  

Key Lime Pie

lime blend, crushed graham crackers, whipped cream  

Peaches N’ Cream

crushed peaches, whipped cream, caramel, teddy grahams


Mountain Mango

crushed mango, whipped cream, caramel sauce  

Green Tea Boba

green tea blend, mochi balls, red bean paste, pirouline


David B.

Such a fun time! The employees are so kind and helpful. The whole experience was really awesome for me. It was delicious!

Jim Hoffa

Dillon has a spectacular shop! It is with out a doubt the best and most unique ice cream I’ve ever had they have a wide variety of flavors and mixes to choose from and it’s extremely fun to watch them make it! They have great service and extremely friendly staff! Will definitely be back!


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